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(For Lamination over paper and printing)
Generel details for PVC Print Lamination Film :

  • Sizes : Available in all different sizes upto 39" (1000mm).
  • Thickness : As low as 5 to 10 microns and other thickness can be produced on special request.
  • Physical and mechanical properties : Our PVC Print Lamination film has high gloss & excellent clarity To gave an appealing look to the substrate after lamination. It has excellent strength to withstand high tension of handling on lamination Machines and imparts toughness to substrate after lamination.
  • Bonding : Our print lamination film has excellent bonding to substrate with minimum adhesive spread as compared to other films for same application. No corona treatment is required in PVC Film, which again adds to its cost effectiveness.
  • Quality Assurance: Our goal is customer satisfaction and to achieve it we provide customers with the best quality film that that leave high quality gloss and luster after lamination. flat. Uniform guage all through out and wrinkle free film with nil core wastage & effortless process ability on lamination machines.


    Coverage /Kg


    140 -145 sq .mt.


    120 -125 sq. mt.


    100-105 sq. mt.


    90-95 sq. mt.


    70-75 sq. mt.

  • Strength : Optimum tensile strength to stand high tension on the laminating machines.
  • Cost Effective : Most inexpensive as compared to other alternative films.
  • Applications : Cartons for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries, readymade garments and hosieries, wrappers for book and confectionery, etergent ckes, soaps posters, corrugated boxes for electronic and electrical appliances, gift articles, consumer products and window envelopes.


    Blister packaging film is supplied for tablet packaging in pharmaceutical industry. Vacuum forming, thermoforming applicatuions and window packaging on automatic window pasting machine.

  • Sizes : Available in 100-300 micron range.
  • Width upto 25”.
  • Clear Transparent and opaque white grade are the standard colors available. Other colors can be offered on recommendation. Special care is taken while producing Non-Toxic film for packaging of tablets and other medical application to meet the standard specification.


    We manufacture PVC blown films for many different applications in numerous thickness & characteristics.

  • PVC film for stickers is available in rigid and semi-soft grades.
  • Thickness ranges from 10 micron to 100 micron.
  • Different sizes are available upto 39” 1000 m.m.
  • Colors like clear transparent, opaque white, yellow and black, which are market standards.
  • It has high gloss and optical properties with a uniform dispersion of color all throughout and easily printable. It is excellent low cost replacement for high cost calendared PVC film. We have also developed paper matt film for printing of calendars and posters.
  • PVC METALLISED FILMS : we supply metallised PVC films for many packaging like gift over wrapping and decorative applications.
  • RIGID PVC FILMS : we have developed unplasticized PVC film for general wrapping, sealing, stickers, photo album, etc.

    ANTI-STATIC –PVC Film has high static nature that creates problem while running on twist wrap machines. Our film shows No static behavior as we have rectified the problem with special treatment during the film processing and hence can be operated at high speeds.

  • OUTSTANDING TWIST RETENTION –Our film is appropriate for twist wrap machines working at high speeds. Twist retention is excellent that makes it perfectly suitable for the application.
  • EXCEPTIONAL PRINTABILITY- No surface treatment required and is easily printable on roto gravure as well as Flexo machines.
  • COST EFFECTIVE : Most economic with comparison to other films like cellphone, BOPP, Polyester, etc.
  • COLD TWIST : No hot air or any kind of heating arrangement required for twisting purpose, hence adding to its cost effectiveness.
  • NON-TOXIC : Our film is Odorless on toxic.
  • THICKNESS : 15 to 35 microns or as required
  • MAXIMUM WIDTH : Upto 1000 mm
  • COLOR : Available in Clear Tranparent, Opaque white & coloured (Golden Yellow, Amber, etc.) Metallized gold and any other shades according to customer requirement.